Gboremi Ogundipe – $10,000


7 March

Seven Days

You wake up tomorrow morning to find all your plans have been cancelled for the next seven days and $10,000 on your dresser. Tell us about your week.




I like Gboremi… a lot. If I were a man, I’d most likely be on her case. But I’m not a man, I’m a woman, God knows best. She is one of those girls that make the rest of us feel like we’re not doing girlhood as we should – beautiful, kind, and genuine; motherly but not slobby and gracious but not snobby. Good child.

Anyway, I was excited to interview her (even though I downplayed my excitement to convey professionalism). Because she is always so put together, I expected the interview to be over and done with within minutes – with her put together answer and gracious responses to my questions. But it was quite the opposite. Gboremi was an adorable flurry of emotions in her answering of the question. Rather than it making her look all over the place, it simply exposed her genuineness because she practically thought her way through the interview with her words, and I was glad to walk with her.

First, she acknowledged that what I asked her was huge.

Then, she said she’d throw it all in the bank first (with this dollar-naira issue, I’d actually like to see how that plays out)

Next, she hoped that she’ll pray about it because it’s actually the right to do.

Then, she said she’d buy a piece of lan… hold on, ‘That’s not enough for land sha’ she noted and went ahead to decide on saving half the money and spending the rest on family, friends and loved ones.


I laughed and asked her to explain further what ‘spending on family and friends’ would entail (Just so I’d know whether to become more of her friend)

Gboremi, at this point, went into the real deal. She informed me that she’ll travel – with her family to somewhere ‘exceptional and Ogundipe-ish like Italy’ and then with the love of her life (who I know, by the way. Fine boy, no pimples) to Paris and with friends to somewhere full of life; a city that never sleeps. But she stood her ground and repeated that she’ll save a lot of the money and invest in the purchase a land.

So, then I asked her to give me a breakdown:

Tuesday – Time with family. Economy tickets to Rome, Italy; sightseeing, eating the impossible.

Wednesday – time with my friends. Business class tickets to America, tour LA, New York and everywhere that life and time just passes in spilt seconds.

Thursday – Time with my special someone in Paris, first class tickets, eating the impossible, trying my hardest to communicate in French with the little I learned and fell in love with in secondary school, go touring.

Friday – I’ll come to terms with everything and spend some time with myself in an African country.

Saturday – I’ll adjust to my usual boring old life.


She asked me to note that she won’t sleep for more than 5 hours on any of those days and that she’d take loads of picture.


This is a filtered version of her interview. She told me loads of other things like her future plans for agriculture and hotel business, but I’ll keep those with me and share only these.

Before today, I’ve learned from Gboremi only from observing her from afar. But today, I learned from her up close and she’s taught me that family is really important and so is investment. She kept hammering on them. I also learned from her that I do not necessarily have to have the right answers at first try. And that one of the ways to work my way to knowing what I truly want is by talking about it, to friends, to mentors…. But most especially to God, because as she said at the beginning of the interview, prayer is always ‘the right thing to do. I keep praying day after day that I understand the importance of priorities in my life’


Thank you Gboremi!

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