I am a Fruit

I am a coconut. I’m tough on the outside and well, tough on the inside. Nothing gets to me without breaking my shell, and even when you get to me, I don’t have a heart. For a heart, I have water… water to keep me constantly cool. I’m purer and whiter on the inside; and that’s the real me.

I am a paw-paw. I am fruitful and very productive, seeing as I have plenty seeds of ideas in me. I fool people by  almost always looking green; like I know nothing. The older I get, the softer and mushier I become.

I am an apple. Although I am loved by almost everyone, I am a firm individual. I am very economical as I try to give out the best I can. If I provide any service to you, I’ll ensure that there’s little or nothing you need to throw into the thrash… everything I provide is useful. I believe that this is why people say I’m expensive… for my size.

I am an avocado. People have the worst kind of reaction towards me – indifference. I can understand this though because I often disappoint people. First, I look a lot like the pear and so people often expect me to behave like the pear. Also, from the outward, people tend to judge and expect that I’m full of promises but upon engaging me, they realize that there really isn’t anything to me. No, I don’t feel like there’s a void in me. In all honesty, I am full of my own self and ‘myself’ in this regard, is useless. Third, I lack taste. I can’t tell my left from my right on what ought to be good quality. Someone once told me, ‘Remind me to lick salt while I talk to you, bland idiot.’

I am a tangerine. And I am the most organized person on earth. I pride myself in my ability to successfully segment my different areas of life from themselves. And you know what I’ve learned? I have learned that a sweet life is a product of a well rounded and segmented living.

I am an agbalumo. And I’m not even sure if I belong here. I sit and watch people deliberate whether I truly belong to one category or another and in my heart I wonder, ‘Can’t I just be my own category?’. I have been so put down by people over time that now I sting them. I am also good at slapping people. But the funny thing? They still want to engage and interact with me. I have heard off the streets that it’s really my seed ideas that they love – and that’s fine, as long as I get to slap them, I can give them my seed ideas.

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