I vs. Myself


5 March


Write about the last disagreement you had with a friend or family member – from their perspective.


I think it has well been established that I am my friend but I am no longer sure if this is true. I look at myself and watch myself misbehave and just wonder when I became this misbehaving person.

The funny part? I think I’m in the right. I’m giving myself excuses for not finding people to interview for my posts – no time, so much work, not too many friends. It’s irritating, so I tell myself to stop giving excuses and that giving excuses is the very first step to living an excuse of a life. But I’m not listening… I’m proceeding to hang my head and tell myself that I’m doing too much with my time and that I’ll lose it soon.

It’s usually a constant battle between me and myself. I tell myself that I really deserve a vacation and that I work too hard, but then I tell myself how silly that is; I do not work as hard as I can, I do not need a vacation because I do not need to take a break from anything in particular, I do not have time because I do not manage my time well, I have too many things to do because I’m never committed to my work-management plans, I do not have too many friends because I’m terrible at keeping friends and I do not have anyone to interview for today’s post because I have not taken these interviews very seriously.

But I’m still not listening to me…

I can be difficult to and with myself. I can be disapproving, angry, disappointed, frustrated, sad, and quarrelsome with myself. But one thing is sure… I’ll never give up on myself


Un-Shoutout to Etisalat for messing up my internet yesterday. I ain’t even mad… but you are. 🙂 


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