Lottle Miracles

I took my alarm clock to the hospital,

For I heard my grandmother was dead, 

I told everyone to leave the room and I stood by her side. I set my clock to the next minute,

It rang but she didn’t stir 

It kept ringing, but she still didn’t stir. 

And then I realized, that my alarm clock does not wake me. It just rings. 

I played my best comedy skits for my mourning grandfather,

He was sad because his love was gone, 

He said he could not find joy anywhere in his heart because his love of 40 years was suddenly no more,

He watched the skits but he didn’t laugh. Not even a shift of his lips. 

And then I realized, that my comedy skits don’t make me laugh. They are just funny. 
While at the burial party, my cousin with asthma sat in a corner with her face scrunched up,

Suddenly she began to gasp, for the living room was too stuffy,

I opened the windows and doors and led her to get some air, 

But she still couldn’t breath. 

And then I realized that air doesn’t make me breath. It just has oxygen. 
While everyone hurried to help my cousin, I saw a man sit in the corner looking confused

I walked to him and asked him what was wrong 

He asked me what was going on. He said he couldn’t see. But he could feel that there was a rush. 

He had his eyes open but he couldn’t see.

And then I realized that my eyes do not give me sight. They are just another part of my body. 
To occupy my mind, I opened Twitter,

There was a trending topic on the issue of ‘dying for your wife/girlfriend’

On my timeline I saw my boyfriend tweet: Die for another person? LOL! Even Adire cannot dye for you.

He had a lot of retweets; maybe affirmations. 

And then I realized that man is not Jesus. He is just a work-in-progress. 


I remain grateful for miracles that seem little, but are a lot. 

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