My Baby’s Prayers 

My little baby is only 6 years old but his prayers always fascinate me.

One time I asked him to pray for the meal we were about to eat and he went: Jesus, thank you for this food. Plenty people in movies choke when they eat and then they die. Plenty people in movies eat poison in their foods. But we thank you because since you’re our invited guest, we won’t choke or eat poison when we eat this food. There are some people just down our street who beg for food to eat. Maybe they don’t know how to cook. Thank you for teaching mummy how to cook. Plus Jesus, last month I was so sick that I could not eat anything and all the foods I ate kept coming out of my belly through my mouth. It was very bad. Thank you that I’m not sick again; or that no one here is sick like that again. Bless and sanctify this food amen. 

Or another time, I asked him to pray before we went to bed and he went: Jesus, mummy always says you do not sleep or slumber. I don’t know what slumber is but I know that if you do not sleep, then you can keep watch over us. Please watch us over the night so that we don’t die. Also, mosquitoes  bite so hard that they make us not sleep. So please Jesus, keep the mosquitoes  away from us, especially from little Sewa, because she’s a baby and she can’t kill any mosquitoes  herself yet. Also, let daddy wake up tomorrow morning early enough so he can go to work early and come back early and happy. Also Jesus, we want to be like you so maybe you can help us to not sleep or slumber like you too. Amen. 

And then there was the time I asked him to pray for his little sister, Sewa. He went: Jesus, I am praying to you for Sewa because she can’t say anything now. She can only laugh and cry and make everyone love her. Mummy said I was once like that; that I could not say anything too. And that we all learn the words we say. Jesus please teach Sewa how to speak quickly so that we can talk to her. She always looks as if she has secrets to tell me. Also, please help her to grow because her toes and ears and nose and eyes are so tiny. Too tiny. Also, Jesus help her sleep at night like we all do. Also Jesus, help us tell her that we really really really love her. 

I love my little baby. 

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