No, You’re Not At The Top

Peradventure you storm into a room, and you find yourself among a crowd of people all standing and looking up towards a stage and you hear names of the greatest people on earth being called out, listen attentively. Listen because if the names on the list run out and you still haven’t heard my name, then it’s the wrong list.

If all the people who have impacted lives on earth converge for a meeting, but my name cannot be found on the attendance register, please know that it is a sham of a meeting. 

Let’s say a good movie producer decides to create a movie based on the lives of all those whose dreams and goals came true and were achieved in their lifetime. If you watch the movie and there is not a narration of my life story, turn off your screen and sue the producer. 

I will fulfil my destiny – in glorious totality. 

I will change lives – in diverse ways. 

I will command resources – in bountiful portions. 

I will create beauty – of lasting quality. 

I will cause smiles – for the right reasons. 

I will be happy – without pretension. 

I will command royalties and nobles – without apology.

And I will love – without conditions.

I do not speak these words by the wisdom of my head nor by the boasting of my heart; not by the strength of my hands nor by the quality of my network; not even by my academic results or by my skill set… No. I confess these words simply by the revelation I have received of God’s plans for me, His child.

So, if you get to the top and you look around and don’t see me there, then darling, you’re not yet at the top. 

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