Our Last Break-Up

Sooo… you know how when you’re on Pinterest one thing always leads to another? I stumbled upon (no rivalry pun intended) a very short book on writer’s prompt written by Brian A. Klems & Zachary Petit. A writer’s prompt basically comprises of writing ideas for writers who suffer from writer’s block or those who just want to get creative. It’s 14 topics for two weeks. That is, one topic per day. So I decided to challenge myself to do this!!! And I’m very excited about it. I hope you all enjoy it as I shall! 😀 The first one requires that I write a break up letter to my long time on and off lover- Mr. Writer’s Block.


Dearest Writer’s Block,

It’s you, not me.

Okay, no, it’s actually the both of us. Ours is what you call a complicated dysfunctional relationship.

You’re bad for me but I’m comfortable in your embrace. You make me neglect a very important aspect of my life; writing, but at the same time, you give me a good excuse to do so. I have broken up with you more than I have broken up with the others. And that’s considering the fact that I have, at several points, tried to break up with sleep, ice cream and soda. But trust me, this would be our last break up.

I can’t have you in my life anymore. And I know that you probably deserve a better break up strategy than this letter. But I fear that if I do this face to face, you’ll break down and then become a stumbling block.

And even as I write this letter to you, I struggle. Not because breaking up with you is hard, but because you’re blocking my thoughts. And not in a romantic way.

Another reason why I HAVE to end this parasitic relationship is because (and I say this with a straight face) you’re trying to counter what the word of the LORD has said about my life. The bible says that ‘The memory of the just is blessed’. I imagine that you reading this and laughing and mumbling ‘Yes.. The Just. Not you’. But I refuse to take that in. The Devil condemns but the Holy Spirit convicts. Halleluyah?

And as evil as I think you are. You and I have had some really emotional time together (Like that time when you sort of pitied me and took a break for a week to let me think well). And so, I know that you must be wondering whether I ever loved you. Well, yes. I once loved you. I once loved the fact that I didn’t have to type any stories. I once loved the fact that I didn’t have to worry about what people thought of my write-ups, because there were, in fact, no write-ups. I once loved the fact that I could push away my hunger to write by simply telling myself ‘But I have writer’s block. Nothing will come anyway.’

That was when I loved you. And as with love between human beings, sometimes we love the wrong people who treat us badly and totally do not deserve us. Do we stick around them and make them make our lives miserable? Nope. Do we let them hang around and hope they’d change one day? Nope. Do we accept our fate? Nope. You know why? Because we know that we can do way better without them blocking us from our dreams. And we know that hanging around those people is just code for ‘I hate myself. I want to destroy myself. But I’m going to blame it on this guy and how he has dealt with me’.

So what do we do? We pick up our pens (or our phones or trek to their house) and kindly tell them that they are no longer needed in our lives.

I am a star, Mr. Block. And modifying the words of the famous Jason Mraz, you can block even the sun from getting to my brain, but I’m still going to shine’.

Your never-to-be-again Lover

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