Pilot Boyfriend

I could probably never date a Nigeria-practising Pilot.

Because if we had a date for 2pm,

He’d first ensure that I arrive at the venue 45 minutes before time.

After he’s satisfied that I am at the venue, he’ll call me to reschedule to 5pm.

And maybe I choose to wait because I canceled all my appointments that day for him anyway ,

He would not respect that. Instead, he’ll show up by 6:30pm with no apologies.

No, he’ll tender an apology. But it would have been better off if he didn’t;

Because through his nose, he’ll simply  say something in the lines of ‘Boro, I apologize for keeping you waiting. It was due to a minor hiccup in my plans. Once again I apologize’ 

And that’s not how to be a good boyfriend. That’s not how to be my boyfriend.

And then, even after the date (because I still don’t walk out on him), he’ll drop me somewhere close to my house and ask me to carry my handbag and find my way home in the dark.

Then I’ll go home, extremely fatigue and unable to think up a good article for my article for the day.

And so I’ll end up writing this article.


*Thanks Medview Airlines for helping me scatter my plans for the day.  You really are a jealous lover. 

On the bright side, I’m home! 


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