Real Hobbies

Whenever I’m asked what my hobbies are, I automatically start to thinking of common ‘ing’ words. And so I say things like; dancing, reading, singing, sleeping, and heck, I’ve even said yawning before (N. B. This is silly because hobbies are not reflexes. They are the intentional actions one carries out, and loves to carry out when one is less busy. They may also be those things which we do when we ought to be doing other less interesting things. They are also things we can’t wait to do immediately we are done with less interesting things)

Anyway, I thought about this my untruthfulness today and decided to make a real list of my real hobbies.

1. Fake-giving aspirationally deep speeches and making sense somewhere in between. Dear Lord, I think my friends and family members are tired of me. I love to take any moment, and turn it into a motivational speech moment. Just watch out for my hands. When they start to gesticulate, beware.

2. Fake-giving audience to an important interview: I basically sit down, and begin to ask myself questions aloud (in the voice of an interviewer; generally calling myself Miss Adeboro), and then I reply myself in oyinbo accent (which is really horrible, by the way)

3. Daydreaming. I can actually spend my entire day making up things in my head. It may be the reason I can be dramatic or fictitious in my approach to life. But my brain works like a movie set.

4. Lying down: contrary to feedback I’ve received about myself, I prefer lying down to walking around. But I don’t know…people don’t think so.

5. Annoying people with my Yoruba: this one isn’t even intentional, but because I’m dramatic, I like to slap my palms against each other and speak Yoruba. People say it grates and irritates their ears. Me, I can’t help but spice my drama life with Yoruba. Sorry, people.

6. Listening to music and looking for music: One is almost addicted to music.

7. Having honest conversations… With myself: No, this is not once in a while. This is like everyday! Yes, people have walked in on me. Yes, I tried to ‘flow’ into doing something else. No, they were not fooled. Yes, I was ashamed.

8. Writing: need I say more?

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