Splitting Things

I have a splitting headache as painful as can be 

From splitting logs and logs of wood and running from bees 

But I’d rather endure this than join my sister; in a big clean room with ballerinas splitting their tighs. 

And I like that my brother never considers that I am a girl, when he splits the house chores,

I like to talk to him also because he does not talk about boys (not in that sense), periods and split ends 

Mom and Dad are no longer together; they split

And despite the fact that mom says anyone who chooses to come with her gets to stay at Split in Croatia, everyone stays with Dad. 

Dad says that mom does not sweat like us in the village anymore, she shares her new apartment with her new husband with thousands of split Air Conditioners

But it is beyond me: of what use are these ACs, when there is fire on the mountain – dad says that mom’s new husband is a psychopathic fraud with split personality. 


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