Hello, 21. 


I am tired to my bones but, my mind is as busy as a hive of bees.

Yesterday’s article captured a weirdish kind of 20th year; with more downs than ups, and especially emotionally. And for my 21st year, I was really praying and hoping to cheer up more and have a more positive attitude and better emotions towards life. 

As if my prayer could not wait to be answered, today happened. I don’t know what else to call today but awesome. 

You see, I have never really thought of myself as a birthday person. I think people who celebrate their birthdays are ridiculously queer and can’t  really possibly derived any true pleasure from that. 

For me, the devil is in the details. ‘When I gather people together for my birthday, what would I now tell them to start doing?’ I would ask myself and shiver. 

Some days before today, I caught my un-stealth roommate planning a surprise for my birthday. She was planning it with the boy that I like and so I got very interested in knowing what the plan was. I figured I would give a shot at discouraging them both from planning anything, and that if I didn’t succeed, I’d brace my emotions up for whatever flowery thing they were planning. 

She got weird and ‘confessed’ to me that they were planning a surprise dinner for me and him. My intestines formed a knot. I thought: how would I survive a night of dinner with this young man without declaring my undying love or something sillier?

I began to brace myself gradually with every hour that led to today. Today came and I was looking forward to 7pm (as that was the time she told me I would be lured to the dinner place). Alas, I was just regularly hanging with my sister and her friends this afternoon…

…when we ‘decided’ to drop by my elder brother’s house and bam! The house was filled with my friends from different walks of life all screaming surprise; with my supposed crush leading the crew.

Today was fantastically amazing. I played games, danced around celebrating victories, I laughed till I fell on the floor, I watched a compilation of videos from people dear to my heart telling me how much they loved me, I got presents!, I got cakes, I ate, I drank, I even got a bunch of real flowers (rose + one white kind like that) from the boy I like! 
I even had Agbalumo Sorbet! What is that???

I  was very very very happy today. 

I refuse to think of today as just a random day that got luckily fun. Apart from the fact that my amazing friends truly put in a lot of work into something so sweet, I interprete today as God’s sign and promise to me for this new year: That my joy can and will be full this 21st. This is just the beginning of a great new year and I’m super excited about it. 

I mean, I GOT FlOWERS! C’mon!

I am truly happy and grateful for today. 

Thank you all for your good prayers! 

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