All Gone!

Hii people! My younger (baby) brother sent this to me some weeks back (For real… he did.), and I have decided to share. Apparently, he has gotten to the ‘I’m too old for all this nonsense’ stage in life.


Who remembers Wale Adenuga Productions? (Yes, they still exist). But who remembers the time when they actually existed?

Papa Ajasco, Super Story, Binta and Friends et cetera…

You would anticipate every episode and watch them drooling; you’d never want to miss an episode…

…oh and Soap Operas too; Second Chance, Catalina and Sebastian… well, that was then, now it’s all gone.

Who remembers TomTom? (Yes, they still exist). But who remembers the time when they were actually the “Black White Black” crystal looking actual minty sweets.

Now it’s just some… some… Sweet, smeared with black and white (and yellow and red) that can be licked anytime for just any reason. It’s all gone.

Who remembers Cartoon Network? (Yes, they still exist). But who remembers when they actually existed?

Who remembers the time when they used to show Cramp Twins, Kids Next Door, Dexter’s Lab, Powerpuff Girls, Courage the cowardly Dog… Mehn! These cartoons were “sweet”… now what…. Bakugan? Ben 10 “forever”?

They’re all gone!


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