I have a friend…

I have a friend…

I have a friend. His name is the Holy Spirit. Apparently, he’s the best friend I can ever have. I don’t utilize his awesomeness, gentility, listening skills as well as I should. But He sticks around. Always… always there. Looking out for me… doing everything he does; with me in mind.

I have a friend. Her name is Demilade. She has the body of a model and a heart of gold. She is refined and simply awesome. She’s an evidence of God’s gentle patience. And, to me, she keeps getting better every year.

I have a friend. His name is David. David also happens to be my brother. He’s so intelligent and eager to learn. He’s good with comebacks and punch lines. He’s a sweet child. And I very much love him.

I have a friend. Her name is Uche. Uche makes me happy. I can stop at that because that really sums everything up. She’s my elder-sister-ish friend. One thing I really admire about Uche: she genuinely cares.

I have a friend. His name is Debo. I love Debo because he first loved me. Literally. I saw a letter he wrote about me to our parents some months before I was born. He reminds me of God because he always looks out for me. He likes to act like he doesn’t care, but he’s very mushy in-love with me.

I have a friend. Her name is Bosayo. Bosayo is my sister with the gift of kindness. She’s a pretty lady with a gentle spirit. Living with her can sometimes intimidate you because she has like crazy smart ideas and she’s so intelligent… it’s so freaky. Plus she smells real nice.

I have a friend. His name is Olayinka. Olayinka does not really have plenty fans on my bbm because they envy his comic-making skills. But if my bbm contacts meet Olayinka for just a few seconds, they’ll repent. He’s such a sweetheart. He’s warm and nice and gentle and intelligent. And he’s such a good friend. And like Osato said ‘He’s a good listener’

I have a friend. Her name is Osato. I have never met Osato in person but I doubt that meeting her would make any difference to my opinion about her. She. Is. Cool. She’s friendly. And I once told Olayinka that she’s like a dove. Maybe… Maybe not. But that’s how I see her.

I have a friend. His name is Samuel. Maybe I should not write anything about Samuel because I think he already knows that he’s an awesome being (even though I think he overthinks it). Most times, Samuel is nice. He is quite the smart-ass. And I can safely call him a part-sage. He even has the part-white hair to match the name.

I have a friend. Her name is Tsetse. We all need that ‘wise’ friend. Tsetse is my wise friend. She knows a lot and is not stingy with her pieces of advice. She’s a strong girl and she is very fashionable. She’s like a small mother.

I have a friend. His name is Eshi! (That’s how it’s stored on my phone). His first name is Ezra. Eshi is not a plain piece of paper. He is a book. A book full of wonderful things.  Sometimes, I’m actually like. ‘Why is someone this nice?’ Eshi is good with the kids and with big grammar.

I have a friend. Her name is Sola. Sola is my most studious friend. She’s gentle and level headed. She’s the definition of a ‘good person’.  Sola is principled and opinionated. And I like that about her. She’s a God lover and a knowledge chaser.

I have a friend. His name is Fikayo. Fikayo thinks I look like a boy but that’s fine because I also think he’s pretty. Fikayo is a good driver. And he’s quite intelligent and he says things like ‘metamorphosis of a butterfly’ in everyday conversations.

I have a friend. Her name is Toyin. Toyin encourages and motivates me. She’s a good teacher. She is a determined person and she easily influences people. She also gets work done! I think that Toyin is a very reliable person.

I have a friend. His name is supposed to be Nife. But his name is Nife of the arms. If you’re reading this, you guys probably know each other because Nife has great interpersonal skills. And…he. He. He works out!

I have some friends.

I have a friend. Her name is Rachel. Rachel is always so nice to me. Rachel is my big sister. Also, she’s always looking out for me. She’s pretty and she likes to intimidate me with her natural hair. She’s also quite smart and gives sound advice. She’s strong. She has a nice reading culture. I really like Rachel.

I have a friend. His name is Uncle Tobe. Uncle Tobe is an encouragement. And he is very patient with me (I can be very slow). He’s really nice and he’s has all these smartnesses in his head.

I have a friend. Her name is Kodi. I look up to Kodi because she’s like a mini-superwoman. She calls me ‘darling’ and ‘boo’… sometimes. She’s understanding. And quite proactive.

I have a friend. Her name is Precious. And I ‘something greater than’ love her.

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