Best Friend Poem

I am not a moralist.

A moralist believes in the monopoly of their morals; in the rightness of their convictions 

I am not that.  

So lie to everyone, if you please, but please make me an exception. 


I am never the smartest in the room. 

And I may never know what that feels like; unlike you. 

You’re smart, you’re wise and you always have the last say. 

If you want to, fool everyone. But I want you to make me an exception. 


My favourite colour is bright burnt orange. 

I could never really settle for dull colours. 

But you live in monochrome; it’s either black or white for you. Sometimes it’s just plain gray. 

But in all your shades of shadiness; do make an exception for me. 


But if you insist on flying away into the night

With no cloths, no dime and no friends

It’s interesting that I was headed there as well 

Would you make an exception just for me?

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