Who knew that P-Alaxin,  the malaria drug,  is blue in colour?  In my mind, I think that the marketing team sat together and someone raised HIS hand to suggest, ‘I really think we ought to make this drug colourful to encourage sick malaria stricken people; to make them feel like they are only taking some sort of blue candy’ 

Why do they say ‘once in a blue moon?’ A rough non-technical definition of what a blue moon is is ‘an extra 13th full moon that appears in a year’.  This is weird to me because when I look into the sky almost every night, I think i see a full moon; but that’s just me talking.

The marketing guy with the blue pill idea should be sacked. If I buy a drug, do you think I don’t know that I’m buying a drug? I hate when people try to influence my decisions or emotions (even though, that’s pretty much what the world is about). But don’t do yours so obviously and so failure-ly.

Like I said, the moon smarts look up to the sky and see one full moon per month, and so when there’s an extra 13th, they are amazed. But not me. There is nothing special to me in a full moon whether 13th or 12th because in my head, every moon is full. 

So I’m staring at an effective drug but I already feel doubly sick because the colour of the drug is blue and blue represent sadness, melancholy and (wait for it)… Death! Marketing guy should definitely be sacked. 

So when it’s the 13th full moon, the moon smarts and their followers decide to do something extra-ordinary because a 13th full moon is a rarity and should be bookmarked with something they naturally wouldn’t do. But I don’t know that, so I  unconsciously do something extra-ordinary every day there’s a moon; for there exists no notion in my subconscious telling me to save my extra for the unordinary day. 

The drug works fine! Who would have guessed? The blue drug works fine. And I intend not to ever have a cause to take it again. But maybe that was the aim; to discourage sick people from falling sick again because ‘who wants to keep taking blue anti-malarial pills?’ Now I’m nodding my head at the non-self-centeredness of this marketing guy.

Rid yourself of every blue moon mentality. Do great stuff everyday. Wear that awesome dress. Wear your contacts. Write on that awesome idea. Buy that relatively expensive experience. Love that person more than is safe. Watch your series even though you have exams coming…. (Is it obvious that I’m only really just talking to myself?) 

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