I once had a friend who NEVER got my jokes. It was so uncool. I had great reservations about this friendship because how on earth was I supposed to look through his not getting my jokes and be his friend?

But I guess that’s what friendship is about, accepting dorkiness. 

Anyway, one time, I told a joke that went thus: 

Me: What did the conductor say to the current president in power when he rudely asked the conductor out of his way?

Him: That joke question is too long.

Me: What should I have said?

Him: El oh El, am I the one saying the joke? Just say the answer. 

Me: He said, ‘Oga no rush me. If you wan pass now now, pass through me’ 

Him: Why is the current president in power talking to a conductor? Where are his body guards? Why does the conductor think he can talk like that? What is ‘current president in power?’ Is this a joke? 

Another time:

Him: Something weird happened today o. We had two chickens but we were going to kill one today and keep the other one till next month. But when I went with the knife to their cage, one chicken quickly ran to the front of the cage. It seemed like he gave up himself to be killed, like he just said ‘I’m not doing this living thing again joor’

Me: Haha. Guess what he told the other chicken before he came to meet you?

Him: Bye bye?

Me: Nooo. He said ‘OMG, I’m  chickening out!’ 

Him: Like I’m checking out? (*I stared at him*) Okay, sorry but guess what the other chicken replied him?

Me: ‘You must be going cuckoo?

Him: Ehn? No o. He said ‘bye bye.’

And finally.

Me: What came before CNN?

Him: Who cares? They were apparently not relevant enough. 

Me: BNN!

Him: I’m pretty sure there was no news network like that

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