Coincidentally, It’s Valentine’s!


Feb 14

Cupid’s arrow

It’s Valentine’s Day, so write an ode to someone or something you love. Bonus points for poetry!

 (The ode was written and sent to the someone I love. This is an extract from the main write-up.)

“…normally, I’d write fiction within minutes and without hassle because it’s all made-up and I do not have to dig deep into my emotions to relay whatever… but this one, right now, is proving very difficult to execute. The problem with trying to tell you how much I love you is that I’m trying to fit all what’s in my heart for you in 26 alphabets and that’s obviously unrealistic and unsurprisingly impossible. I have started from the beginning of this ode and read to this very point and with every word, I keep hearing a little voice mock me and my deficiency in expression, but I shall not be moved! Rather, I’ll make up for my lack of words with an abundance of actions. Ma worry.  Thank God you’re the ultimate Schwack and it’s easy to love you… Lord Gray :’) 

But for basics, you should be reminded that I love you. And for bonus points, here’s my poetry to you! 

Even if the Yoruba sets in and you have pot for abs, I’ll still ABSolutely love you
And even if everyone thinks it’s sick that I do, I’ll still patiently love you
And even when trying to reach you is like going through a maze, I’d still amazingly love you (yes, this is a thing)
And if for some reason, you get your tenses wrong on Television, I’d still intensely love you
And if you decide to travel to Ibadan for whatever reason and just let me miss you, I’d still challengingly love you (this also, is a thing)
And when you come back to Lagos, I’ll Giddy-ly love you
And if you play mischievous pranks on me, I’ll still scarily love you (Be. Very. Afraid)
And if you feel so confused and scattered and you just can’t make-up your mind about anything, I’ll beautifully love you
And During bleh-ish times, I’ll enDuringly love you
And while I discern that I should stop right here because this is beginning to sound like wedding vows,
You, Schwack, must know… that my schwacky love is not going anywhere.” 

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