Shoulda, Canna, Shalla?


Feb 13

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

Tell us about something you know you should do… but don’t


Something? How about I give you a list of things


  1. Read my bible every day and gist at least one person what I read.
  2. Work out, have 6 packs, learn make up and slay.
  3. Read my notes after every lecture and test myself.
  4. Improve on my saving and stop turning up when I feel like?
  5. Tell people I love them more often… and with a serious face.
  6. Deep condition, steam and (whatever else the Naturalistas say we should do)
  7. Follow Success and do incognito on BBM and make them miss me.
  8. Reply all my whatsapp messages (sorry guys)
  9. Write tons of amazing scripts!
  10. Travel the world and live la vida loca… #Anticipate though.
  11. Create job opportunities for people who want to work and be the coolest boss ever
  12. Realize that people don’t really like cool bosses and so be the most respected boss ever
  13. Teach!!!!!
  14. Improve on my handwriting before my children arrive
  15. Start my dance classes with Bosayo.
  16. Fix my laptop because this Final Year Project life is looking real
  17. Learn to fix things with screwdrivers, because I have been brainwashed to think that using a screwdriver to fix stuff is too damn cool
  18. Invest in better clothing… by expending wisdom in stealing them from Bosayo
  19. Perfect my use of the cutlery (what? Stop looking at me like that)
  20. WRITE AN ARTICLE ABOUT JOHN JACKSON!! (I’ve been promising for too long)
  21. Finish reading Outliers before Success does. I have to be a consistent winner.
  22. Write and send PJ some articles
  23. Read Ife Onachukwu Ogunbufunmi’s award winning, well-researched article
  24. Not spend as much time on Twitter and Instagram
  25. Fix and plan a date with Tope Coker
  26. Read more… way more than my father!
  27. Give myself a treat to a professional massage… *exhales in anticipated pleasure*
  28. Be more seriou… hahaha. Nah.
  29. Stop bothering my readers with my personal to-do list
  30. Find who I’ll crash their Valentine’s Day romance… I really just want ice cream and chicken, that’s all.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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