Craziest Things 

Just when I think I have heard the craziest things ever, I hear that people intentionally transmit STDs to other persons
Then I think I’ve heard the craziest things ever, but then I hear that people cheer on when they watch others get lynched in the marketplace

Surely, my ears must have exhausted hearing all the craziest things ever, but then they ting when I hear that people still try to cheat widows and the fatherless out of the inheritance that rightfully belong to them
And apparently, those are not the craziest things ever, because I hear that there are men who burn and beat and injure their wives (for whatever reason)
It’s a cruel world and by now I should have had my fill of crazy stories, but then I hear that some women steal children just to sell or use to beg for money 
And I think I’ve heard the craziest things but then I hear that men in cozy offices who close work by 10am in the morning because they don’t even know what their job description is, take to stealing funds which should be used to provide ammunition and other resources  for warriors and valiant men fighting against the the breach of peace; fighting so that nothing disturbs those men in cozy offices who don’t have the foggiest idea what their positions are meant to administer. 
And just when I’m getting used to crazy news, I get hit with information that some creeps posing as pastors use their automatic fiduciary relationship to extort and destroy lives and destinies 

I am tired of crazy news;

Of crazy information that I’d rather not hear,

So I would plug my ears and listen only to the things I want to hear. 

But who do I kid? 

The craziest things are all around me. 

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