Hindsight is a Bastard 

Hindsight is the worst person you want to listen to after a breakup;

Sometimes, she’ll smack her lips together and say ‘I told you so’

But did she?


In the present, hindsight is a lazy employee; not doing her job. 

You employed her for her wisdom, but you did not pay attention to her work ethics and diligence. 

For she never does her job until after the avoidable has occurred. 

Like the breakup I mentioned. 

She knew he was stingy. 

She is not affected by the glaze of love in your eyes and so she could see through all his crap. 

She knew she was a liar; unserious about the relationship. 

She knew you were putting in too much effort and you’d get hurt eventually. 

She knew. 

Yet, she crossed her legs and chewed gum until the pop pop sound she made with her mouth was overshadowed by the crashing of your heart

Then she rushed to her feet and said, ‘Oh my! I’m so sorry! He was such a liar; such a stingy idiot. I saw it all along’ 

Hindsight is a bastard. 

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