Dear Melancholy

Hey Mel,

It’s finally your turn. I know you’ve been reading the letters to the others and you’ve been overthinking why I chose to write to you last. Save those deep thoughts for better things- I write to you last because I love you best. 

People say you’re a ‘creative mind prone to severe and frequent depression’ but I say that’s a shallow way to describe a genius. We know the thoughts that go on in your mind! Massively creative. And the depression is more from an overburden of brilliant ideas that may never see the light of day. 

Mel, I am sorry for all the highs and lows you have to go through but cannot explain to anyone. It’s hard because people expect you to have a reason for wanting to be alone at times and for wanting to interact with people other times, but it’s okay to not be able to explain why you feel the way you do. It’s okay to feel like you can’t control your emotions. Remember that’s what you have the Holy Spirit for. 

You’re my sweetest and most caring friend. Never would you say a hurtful word to me. I guess you’re so in touch with your emotions that you understand how it feels for others to feel certain emotions as well. 
I feel, however, that you look too much at what people think about you, and you base your actions and decisions on these thoughts. Peoples thoughts are just thoughts; information we should filter. I told you when that rumour about you was going round; I told you that when people say untrue things about us, we must take these things are mere criticism and not as statements of facts. The facts about your life are what God says you are! 

Also, depression does not help anyone.  Honestly, you are too sweet to be allowing such a negative emotion plague your life. Learn to ‘shake it off!’ 

Mel, it pays to be truthful about your emotions. If you’re angry with someone, tell them. Because unlike S; you don’t easily get over your emotions. They settle within you and cause you more stress than they are worth and then pile up until you burst out with horrific manifestations and words. It’s not good. 

Finally, while you might be the most difficult lover to have, do not ever blame yourself for the wrongs of your spouse. Okay? 

I love you 🙂 


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