How can I receive if my palms are closed tight?

How can I give if my palms are always stretched out, begging)

How can I tell you love me if you never give me anything?

How can you tell I love you if I’d rather receive than give you things? 

We give to those we love because giving is an incident of loving. 

But what about those who we are supposed to love but don’t love… At least not yet; at least not so much?

To them, let us give as though we’ve loved them for a thousand years.

Let’s give our money; an investment we would never regret. 

Let’s give our time, for it is a trick to spending time without losing it. 

Let’s give our advice, for in that, our wisdom multiplies. 

Let’s give our experiences; for that’s the only way to maximize our past. 

Let’s give our emotions, for we become stronger when we do. 

Let’s give our empathy, for they become stronger when we do. 

Let’s give our creativity, for helps the flow of ideas. 

Let’s give our knowledge, for then, we dispel darkness far away from us. 

Let’s give love, because love is giving.

Let us give our lives, for it is only then we can gain it back. 

Let’s give. 

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