The Upper Hand

I choked today. I choked on a piece of candy;

It went down my throat without invitation and was faster than my gag reflex;

But then, a lady walked by and saw me struggling. She pumped my tummy until I coughed it up;

Then she walked to a man across the street, hugged and kissed him affectionately afterwards.

And so I thought about how my life has got to be planned by a Upper Hand.

If she did not walk by, I would have died 

If the man did not come by to see her at that time, she wouldn’t have walked by 

If she never showed him sufficient interest, he probably would not have come by to see her. 

If he did not indicate his interest, she probably wouldn’t have shown him sufficient interest.

If he never met her, he probably wouldn’t have shown her sufficient interest. 

If he never existed, he would never have met her. 

If she never existed, she would never have met him. 

If she wasn’t born, she would never have stood a chance to exist. 

Maybe if she did not exist, I would have died. 
But something tells me that the Upper Hand can never be handicapped to save.

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