Joy Is Not

Joy is not the random highs that handover to horrible lows after its shift 

Joy is not the flickering promises from the lips of someone who thinks he loves you 

Love is not arrogant boldness that possesses you when you dole out cash 

Joy is not the feeling you only feel when someone says ‘well done’ 

Joy is not the ‘on’ switch that comes on when they presses they right buttons 

Joy is not the mind-blocking and truth-smearing phase of infatuation 

Joy is not the feeling you use to feast your mind when you see bad things happen to bad people 

No, Joy is pure

And Joy is constant 

Joy is not disjointed 

Joy is not fleeting 

Joy is liberating 

Joy is blissful 

Joy is not easily influenced 

Joy is possible.

Joy is possible.

Joy is possible.

Joy is possible.

Joy is possible.

Say that until you believe it.

Joy is possible.

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