Hey Stranger

Today’s topic is actually ‘The stranger’. 


Hey stranger.

If I walked past you, would you turn like any stranger would? Or would you keep your neck straight because you’re trying hard to be a stranger?

If I called your phone, would you pick up and say ‘Hello good day who am I speaking with?’ Or would you watch it ring out because you’re trying hard to be a stranger?

If I sat beside you in church, would you share your hymn book with me like any stranger would? Or would you give me the book and stare ahead at the pulpit… trying hard to be a stranger?

If I said ‘hi’ to your new girlfriend, would you curiously say ‘hi’ to me too? Or would you nervously find a way to get both of you out of there… because you shouldn’t talk to strangers?

If I invited you to my birthday party, would you ask for the directions to my house? Or would you completely avoid my street that day… because it’s a strange place?

If I called your mom on her birthday, would you ask her who that was? Or would you squint, slightly shake your head and think of how much nerve I have… for a stranger?

If you heard terribly funny things about me from someone, would you laugh along as a stranger would? Or would you uncomfortably say ‘are you sure?’

If you needed something from me, would you hope and pray that you receive favor in my sight? Or would you tell yourself, ‘there must be someone else I can get that from’?

If someone asked you what you think about me, would you shrug and say ‘I barely know her’. Or would you say, ‘why do you want to know?’

If your secretary said a ‘Gloria’ was waiting for you in the lobby, would you say ‘Oh? Let her in’. Or would your pupils dilate?

If you could come back to this earth, would I be missing in your life; as I truly should if we’re strangers? Or would you make everything work out this time around?

If you heard I was deadly sick, would you feel slightly sad and say a word of prayer for me? Or would you rush over to my hospital bed and apologize for everything?

If I released a song, with your name as the title, would you be amused enough to make it your ringtone? Or would you slide in emphatic side comments like ‘That song doesn’t even sound like something an Obinna can do’.

If you dreamt about me, would you tell people ‘Last night, I saw an unknown face in my dreams.’ Or would you stay up all night wondering if we did the right thing.

If in the church, they said, meet three strangers and tell them ‘God bless you’, would you meet me? Or would you deny me God’s blessings.

If I told you I still love you, would you frown-smile, raise your brow and say ‘Easy tiger. Still? I don’t even know you’. Or would your heart skip a beat?

If you heard me describe you as, ‘That stranger in the blue shirt’, would you smile at me? Or would you keep a straight face and act like you’re actually one.

If I walked up to you and said ‘Hey stranger’, would you think I was flirting with you? Or would you think I was trying to bring back memories unforgotten?

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