Naira Message

Oh the struggle with terrible internet yesterday. The topic is actually ‘Dollar Message’. But… you know. So…


Before the message, I was just me. I was nobody but me.
Before the message, I was bored sick of my life.
Before the message, I was going through the items in an overrated store around my house.
Before the message, I was just a young girl exchanging money for an expensive gift I was sure would not be appreciated.
Before the message, I wanted to impress an unloving boyfriend.
Before the message, I would not let go of my 100naira change… just because…

Because the message was for me;

I studied the 100naira change on the boring drive back home.
There was on it, ‘Call Moses 08123476800’
It crossed my mind to call Moses… for fun.
I called Moses.
Moses picked on the first ring.

The message was;

‘Oh…God. Mr Mike. No say anything yet. I fit explain. Let me explain. No be my fault. I promise say I go give you your money back. But the money wey I dey expect never show. I swear to God, my children never even chop because of this money wey I dey owe you. I dey beg you. The 1000 naira don almost complete. I don save up to 200 hundred naira. Please sir, give me two weeks. Two more weeks and I go give you back everything. My children dey suffer. Consider my children sir. At night, we no dey chop. Me and my wife go put water on our stove, lower the light, come tell the children say food dey on fire. Them go wait and wait for the food to ready until they sleep. All because of your money sir. You dey very generous and kind to borrow me this 1000naira sir. Na because of that I dey beg you say make you extend this kindness reach next two weeks. After two weeks, I go have everything. Please sir.’

After the message, I cut the call.
After the message, I wept.
After the message, I found a new meaning to life.
After the message, I realized I had been living life the wrong way.
After the message, I dedicated my life to helping the poor in whatever way.

Because of the message, now I find new reasons to live.
Because of the message, my problems don’t seem so big.
Because of the message, I have found that the greatest joy comes from giving others a reason to smile.
Because of the Naira message, I love who I’ve become.

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