How Do You Feel?

Exams are done and dusted! Uh-uhn! *dancing the only dance I can dance* 

Anyway, the victims of the crimes/criminals I interviewed yesterday have their rebuttal. 

Here goes:

1. Pick-Pocketed (Mrs Alice, 37 years old)

‘You don’t want to ever have your bag picked. You will think you’re running mad. You will look through your bag for your phone, laugh and say “where is this phone hiding?” But you will not find it. You will empty the bag of its contents and search between tiny pieces of paper for your phone. You will then pick up another’s phone and start to call your number; but it will not ring. Then someone vast in the knowledge of Street would tell you, “maybe they obtained it from your bag at the bus stop”. You will deny and deny and deny until you realize that you are phoneless for a month’ 

2. Raped (Ope, 23 years old) 

‘…I can’t really talk about that. I’m sorry’ 

3. Swindled (Fitzmaurice, 45 years old) 

‘It’s befuddling to realize that you’re not above news reports. I was reading only about the Nigerian defrauding business some weeks back and I remember laughing and thinking “Oh, this is just for bad lucks and illiterates. While others are getting duped I’m  striking hot deals in the same country” Stupid me!’ 

4 Prostituted To (Anonymous, 44 years old)

‘Hahahahahaha! Sorry, my dear. I’m not laughing because of that your shirt, I’m laughing because you called prostituion a crime, and I, a victim. My dear let me tell you, I’m not a victim o. It’s even better for you to say that I’m a victim with my wife than for you to say that I’m a victim to Rose. Kai! Hahahaha!’ 

5 Kidnapped and Trafficked (Ben, 9 years old)

‘I was afraid. When they carried me and put me in that big bus, I was afraid. I was shouting until they beat me and told me that they will kill me and my mommy if I don’t stop shouting. I wanted to start shouting “mommy!” because I thought she was somewhere in the big bus too, but the man in red shirt was holding a big knife. I am still afraid every time I see a bus, or a knife, or red,  or the road, or a man…’

6. Assassination (Oloapa Family, 1 Wife, 4 sons)

‘It’s been really hard on the family and I’m sure you can understand why none of them can grant your interview. The wife barely talks, barely eats and lives in perpetual paranoia. The sons have begun to show signs of rebellion and they won’t let anyone in. Everyone is afraid to really help them directly because we heard the person who sent assassins is a close friend of the family and may hurt anyone who tries to help.’, said a close friend of the family. 

7.Victims of Bribery and Corruption (The People. About 18 million of them)

‘If you will steal, steal! No one is asking anyone not to steal our money! Just don’t make us notice so much…’ 

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