I Saw A Man Die Today

I saw a man die today and it felt awful,

I could do nothing about it but dab at the tears in my eyes and feel sorry,

And he could do nothing about it but just die.


I watched fear flood the man’s eyes and it felt embarrassing,

‘I could hug him and tell him it’s alright‘, I thought.

But he could not have heard me if I tried, he was dying anyway.


I watched him try to think nothing of his death and it felt dehumanizing.

I could have shouted, ‘No one should go through this!’, but I did not.

He could not be helped anymore; he was already ‘going through this’ – just dying.


I watched his wife smile and it felt bothersome.

I could have ripped her apart with my bare hands.

But then, if I tried,  she would have killed me with the same knife she was using to murder her husband.


I listened to her words:

He. Is. Irresponsible.

I. Make. More. Money.

I. Clothe. Him.

He. Should. Be. Lucky. He. Has. Me. In. That. Family.

Honey. Hold. My. Bag.

Hold. It. Well. Please. I. Bought. It. With. Good. Money.


All those daggers to his soul?‘ I asked myself.


I watched a man die today and it was painful.

He is dying slowly as his wife’s words draw out the life from him

I wonder why he is just quiet; not saying anything.

And then it dawned on me: The Dead Don’t Speak.


I watched a man die today and I felt defeated.

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