I Know Her Kind

Immediately I saw her, I knew her kind 

With the long fixed lashes contrasting with her skimpy bum shorts 

I knew her kind. 
She shifted from one foot to the other and popped her gum and I smiled because I know her kind. 

She would stand sideways at the ATM so that everyone would see the huge wades of cash that she keeps gutting out of the machine. 

Of course; I know her kind. 
As I walked up to her and introduced myself, I was sure I knew I kind. 

For she sized me from head to toe and said, ‘Can I help you?’ And when I finished speaking she said ‘Please I’m not interested.’

But that’s okay, I know her kind. 
I said, ‘The man that I speak of who loves you, he really does’ And she played dumb and said, ‘Well tell your Oga that I am not His kind’ 

Oh, but you’re indeed His kind’ I say, ‘His very kind; His only kind. He loves you so much that He doesn’t just promise to die for you, He already did.’ 

She shook her head and said, ‘I am not your kind; you and your Oga. Carry your preaching somewhere else’ 
The way she walked away from me; shuffling her feet and unconsciously pulling at the hem of her bum short; I knew her kind. 

For I was once like her until someone told me,

That my kind is not some lying cheating evil-spewing man who doesn’t know his left from right and tries to cover up his ignorance with money cars and vanity 

But that my kind is the Kind Prince of Peace whose only intention is to give me life so much that I give life to others as well. 

Now, I know her kind too, and He’s exactly her kind. 

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