Inter Mundos


Temi named us. (Temi is the weird Ibadan one).   Because I was curious about what ‘inter mundos’ was, I asked him. And he said something like ‘It means ‘in between worlds’. If we’re in between worlds, then we’re not in this world. Then we’re out of this world’. I wondered why he had to go through all that processing, but I let it pass. That’s Temi for you. He’s a deep thinker (most times). Temi is very intelligent and is good at almost anything he does. Like when he wrote on bride price/dowry in Family Law class today and blew our minds away (and he doesn’t take Family Law as an elective). He’s a proactive solution finder. And that’s really nice. He can like to behave ‘queer’ at times sha.


Unlike Temi. Bade isn’t one bit queer. He’s strange. (Bade is the serious but unserious Abeokuta one). Bade (Pebbles), is like this thin huge tank of motivational things. Always serious but rarely serious. Trust me, he manages to get that right. Bade can like to form quiet but he notices and hears almost every damn thing that happens. Beats me. He reads motivational books and shares with us motivational messages. He has goals and strategies. He can form deep ehn!! Like when I asked if by his ‘selling brand’, he meant his ‘personal packaging’, he said ‘Leave it as ‘brand’. I’m already a package’. That kain person…. He’s a very great guy. Bade is who I want to be like when I grow up.


But Wale is the chill-est of us. Mere looking at Wale already tells you how cool he is. (Wale is the laidback Ogbomosho one). He’s so neat and organized. His white shirts are sooo white bright, I could use them to navigate through the dark. What’s more? Wale is a leftie! Wale is good with words. If we were all living in a village, Wale would be the ‘King Praiser’… saying all the nice things at the right time. Wale is soo knowledgeable. He knows plenty things about almost everything. I confess that I stay incognito in our group chats just because I feel like an idiot trying to argue or discuss with Wale. But Wale can take some time in getting jokes sha… (that’s why we didn’t show him that 1st class joke today)


Daniel, on the other hand (because he’s a rightie: D), is the almost footloose one. (He’s also the Ogun state but somewhat Lagos one). He likes to catch cruises, seize opportunities but at the same time play safe. Very nice style of living. Oh… he’s the tush one too. Daniel speaks quite emphatically. He’s the handsome-est of all of us (me includedL). And he’s so easily liked by people. If we were an organization, Daniel would be our Public Relations Officer – the face of the group.


Odu… (Odu is the suspiciously Yoruba/Calabar one). Odu is also the one who I don’t have a personal picture of. Odu is the one I see like twice a week. But Odu is an awesome individual. He’s like the most independent of us. Doing his own thing at his own pace. Also, highly cool. He’s like our godfather. He’s also quite tall so that I can only comfortably punch his waist when he calls me ‘Uncle Boro’.

Tobechi. Tobechi my Fiancé. (Tobechi is the cute yellow Igbo one). Tobechi is the LOA (love of all). He’s very neat and organized. He has the best handwriting in the group. He’s also very very intelligent (He’s among that category of people that remember cases and their facts). Tobechi can be blunt for Africa and he’s the only other glasses-wearing companion I have… Wait… that’s true. Tobechi, where are your glasses?!


 That’s my crew… of friends. Very unlikely people coming together to form an even unlikelier group. Le best!


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