Just. Journaling 

I flopped this month. I had promised myself to interview one person per day every day of this month but from the beginning it’s been a war. All my dreams of being a super interviewer in life crashed before my eyes as I realized that my people skills were zero, I lacked the requisite patience to produce successful and interesting interviews, and I was terrible with time management in my life generally. 

Take for instance, today. Today, I am supposed to feature the interview of Olayinka OS. I remembered early this morning (around 1am) as we spoke so I said, ‘Yeah! I’m to interview you for today’s post. Can we do it now?’ In my mind, when I said that, I half-hoped he’d say ‘Nah… How utterly disrespectful. An interview at such an odd hour and with no prior booking? Do you think I live to waste my time like you do? ; just so I’d have someone to blame my inadequacy on. But in his usual graciousness, he said, ‘Yes! Sure. Let’s start.’ Mild disappointment. 

I refuse to recount my unprofessionalism both in the manner and content of the questions asked but it suffices to say that we ended up talking about everything but potental interview content. 

I have begun to think deeply about what this means – this failure to succeed at amazing interviews. I do not believe my subjects are the problem because I have interviewed quite interesting people. I have thought ‘maybe I’m not just called to the interviewer life?’ But no.. I’m a staunch believer in the notion that I have been called to a life of success and excellence- irrespective of and especially in whatever I set my hands/heart to do. 

So I am deciding to go back to interview school; to learn and be taught the rudiments of documentable conversations. And once I learn, I’ll do a killer post of an interview with a killer somebody. 

This is not your regular post on this blog. It does not inspire hope, barely triggers emotions and it’s far-reaching to say that it educates. It isn’t victorious in its conclusion or provoking in its resolutions. But I guess this is also a dimension of blogging … Just. Journaling.

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