My Bundle of Questions

Just Random Conversations with my 4-year old.


S: Mommy? Why are you bigger than me but grandma is smaller than you? Are you older than grandma?

M: No darling, I’m just bigger in size than her because I have a naturally big body. Grandma is actually older than me; than your daddy and I

S: So grandma is older than you?

M: Yes

S: So why do you have teeth and she does not?

M: Because she lost all her teeth. They fell off gradually. Do you know what gradually means?

S: No. But will I lose all my teeth too?

M: No. Maybe not. But if you let me brush your teeth and agree to take sweets only when I tell you to, then you’ll get to keep your teeth.

S: *goes quiet for a while before he finally speaks* So why did you not tell grandma this when she was small?



M: *does the normal African mom thing and calls him three times* How many times did I call you?

S: Ahahn! Call me again, I was not counting.



*While we were watching a foreign movie and a cop scene came up with the sirens of the car blaring*

S: Why are the police making noise?

M: Because they are announcing their presence

S: They want to catch a criminal?

M: That’s correct

S: They are driving to catch him?

M: Yes sir

S: Did he call them to come and catch him?

M: Haha… well, that would be unwise. No he did not.

S: Then why are they shouting and making him know that they are coming?

M: *crickets*



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