Lazy Bones: Lessons For Alicia (or me)

I felt more alive last night than I have felt in a long time. It still feels like every inch of my body is calling and screaming for attention. ‘Feel me! Feel me!’ I hear them saying.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that I’m tired and my body aches. I have tons and tons of work to do, tons and tons of people to call and tons and tons of episodes of ‘How To Get Away With Murder’  to catch up on.

The latter, I have been doing since last night. See, it’s the weekend and since I got back from work yesterday, I have been binge watching HTGAWM and chewing on pastry and juice.

Alicia has shuttled to my room about 4 times this morning, and each time, I tell her to go and do her homework, to go and (fake) arrange her room, to go and meet Dania, the help, to wash her hair.

I should be the one doing the latter. Feel free to judge me. I am tired. And remember, I have a bunch of work to do and a bunch of people to call.

But some minutes ago, Alicia shuttled to my room in her yellow and black stripped onesie, and her hair still in a fumbling mess. I paused Viola Davis’ face on the TV screen and signaled for Alicia to come up the bed. She did.

After the tickling and laughing and kissing and rolling and giggling, I said, ‘Eyss, so you think because I’ve not come down from my bed, I don’t know that you haven’t done your homework and cleaned your room? ‘ I looked at her and feigned exaggerated disgust, ‘And my my! Doesn’t your hair speak for itself?  Ahahn!’ 

She started laughing (Aside: My daughter’s laughter is light!!!!). Then she said, ‘Mama!  I just can’t. I’m so tired. I just want to lay all day in bed all day,  and all day just do nothing today’ It was my turn to laugh.

‘Do you know the simple word for what you just described?’ I asked.

Normal?‘ she replied, nose scrunched up.

I laughed. ‘No. Lazy. The word is lazy.’

She rolled her eyes and was saying,’ ugh mama’ when I gave her a knock on her lips. ‘Don’t roll your eyes at me. Or at anyone.’

Sorry mama.’

Apology accepted. So what I’m saying is this. Laziness is bad. Very bad. It’s one of those easy things to do. But it has one of the worst results in life. For instance; regrets. Lazy people normally have regrets. If you have stuff to do, do it. Don’t procrastinate because procrastination is a surefire way to never actually doing anything. It’s important to rest. But Licia, rest is called rest because the time we are to use to rest is the rest of your time after you have worked. Do you understand? ‘

She smiled suspiciously as she nodded and jumped off my bed.’ You’ve gone and scattered my brain but it’s okay because you’re my mama, and mamas scatter the brains of their Licias’

I smiled. As she walked out of my room, she turned around and said with her most innocent demeanor , ‘Mama, is watching movies rest or work?’ 


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