My Driver

I just thought to share something I wrote in a recruitment test I did some months back.

The question was; ‘In your own words, what drives you?’ 

My answer:

In the spirit of being proactive and observant, I would like to just point out that no one owns any ‘word’. Well, except Beyoncé who owns bootylicious. It’s okay that she owns the word; I don’t care.  It’s a ridiculous word which has well been rendered of no real importance with time. But what I’m trying to say is that ‘in your own words’ is a little too high of a standard to give a mere applicant like me. I own no words as the words I speak are simply words I have learned. 
That said, I will answer the question posed. 

What drives me? My mom’s driver’s hand and legs and his brain. No, I’m not trying to be funny, I’m just trying to show you that the question asked can be seen in many lights. 

But then, I will answer the question posed as you desire me to answer it. 
What drives me? My distaste for uncertainty drives me.

I know that life is largely not certain (although my pastor will sing a different tune on this matter). We wake up daily not knowing whether or not. It might be our last day today. It might be the 5th to our last day. We may get a dreadful call today. We may get a happy call. The woman we want to get married to may look our way today. She may find herself another husband today. 

There are uncertainties we really cannot avoid, but then there is ignorance. Ignorance is the worst source of uncertainty while knowledge is the best bridge between uncertainty and the certainty.

I hate uncertainties I can avoid. Hate hate hate hate.
So I amass knowledge; not just in books, but also knowledge of myself, of other people, knowledge of my environment, the knowledge of things normal people wouldn’t be bothered about. And knowledge automatically makes one better. It literally tranforms a person. 

So, every time I get tired or lazy or discouraged, I remember the bitter taste of uncertainty and I keep amassing as much knowledge as I can, and then I keep getting transformed. 
That’s it. While uncertainty drives me crazy, my hatred for it drives me to do crazy things for knowledge”

They did not call me back for the job; as expected. But I am so proud of my essay. 

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