Need I Say More?

I stumbled upon a sheet of paper in my sister’s room today. I was looking for a document I believed I had left on her reading table and so I kept opening every sheet of paper on the table. She was going to be at choir rehearsals for the whole night so I could not have waited for her to get back.

This paper had been detached from one of those souvenir spiral bound exercise books. It had pink stripes outlining the writing spaces and below it had: ‘Happy Graduation/Birthday/Anniversary Mofioluwasayo’ Courtesy; your sweet husband. 

For a while I wondered where Tola had gotten the book from. But I did not ruminate over that for long because I began reading the content of the paper.

N.B. My sister is 17 years old

It said:
Qualities I am looking out for in a husband

  1. Strong Christian: Can you imagine if I marry someone who is not a Christian? I am finished. Apart from the fact that mom will finish both me and the boy/man with hot slaps, Satan will also finish that marriage with anything he wants. When Satan is even trying to finish marriages that both of them are Christians. Talkless of when both of them are not now Christian. That’s why I said ‘strong’ Christian. Someone who will be telling me to join him to pray and fast (even though I don’t like fasting). 
  2. Inner beauty (then maybe outer beauty too): if Fola sees this paper, I know she will laugh at me. Who does not believe in inner beauty ehn? Inner beauty is real; realer than outer beauty sef. It’s inner beauty that sets people apart. Will someone’s outer beauty save my life when I’m been beaten or mistreated in marriage? I pity people who don’t believe in inner beauty. I must be proud of the actions that stem out of my husband’s consciousness and subconsciousness. His reflexes and reactions to situations must be beautiful. 
  3. Don’t talk too much o!!! : Sometimes I look at Nelson and I’m worried for who will marry him. He is always talking something; always has something to say. Me, I want to be listened to more than I want to be spoken to. Call me selfish but this is my list. Go and make your own if you’re angry. 
  4. Must have just 2 friends and no female best friend: I don’t really understand when someone’s husband is another woman’s best friend. Or wait… If the other woman is the daughter of the man then that’s fine. My own husband must say this to whatever female best friend he has: Leave me alone. I have a wife. Go and find your own husband. And then he must have only two close friends. I can’t deal with too many men around my house. 
  5. Must have money: Need I say more? 

I laughed and carefully folded the paper as it was. My guess is she will grow out of some of the things on the list. Or not? I don’t know. I am just impressed with my sister; knowing that she is setting standards for herself in choosing who to marry. 
Reduces hurt. 

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