Graduation Gift

I’m done with school in two weeks and since I imagine that my father should be happy I didn’t get expelled or suspended, I asked him for a graduation present. After reminding me that I stopped being committed to our first class dream and how that disqualifies me from any gift, he gave me another option:

After your exams, we’ll go and visit your mom in Ogbomosho. And you’ll be the one to drive” I could feel with my five sense, the sarcasm and mockery in his voice. 

I laughed and dragged my words, “Oh… I will drive to Ogbomosho. Okay”

“Yes,” he said “Consider it as my graduation gift to you. See it this way. I put my life and your life in your hands – a risky thing. Then I give you the opportunity to give them back to us. Two gifts in one, do you see? You get to give me my life and you get to save your life. It is such a great gift’ 

I remember squinting as I heard him speak over the phone; unable to decide what to make of what I was hearing. I didn’t even understand what he was saying.

In my mind I was just saying: Boro, you’d have avoided this talk if you just bagged a first class. Pfft.

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