We never really see things the way they truly are; no one does. 

We only see things as we are. 

For instance, while an ant sees a pebble as a mountain; fixed to the ground,

You see it as a small stone to kick around. 

A cockroach sees currency notes as food,

You see it as a means to buy food. 

You see malaria pills as curative,

The malaria parasites see them as destructive. 

While your employer sees the end of the month as a time of financial responsibilities,

You see it as a time of financial reward. 

A lion thinks you’re doing a poor, cute and weak job at imitating it when you yawn. 

You think a you’re being extremely loud and uncouth when you yawn. 

The end of exams for you is a relief

But it’s really just burden shifted to the people who will grade.

It goes on. 

When we put in perspective that the way we see situations is never the (only) way they are, we would approach them more objectively, calmly and rationally. 

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