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Feb 23


Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic reviewing a new album.




In the third week of February 2016, Sesialo our very own Indie artist dropped her album titled ‘Anticipate’. Although I understand the common ‘do something so mainstream that it is seen as cool’ mentality that Indie artists coolly infuse into their music, I must say that this was overdone. First, Real Indie artists do not want to be caught with their pants down promoting their album, not to talk of using the word ‘Anticipate’. And second, really, who names their album after the most abused #-word?

Moving on to the content of the album itself, there were 3 song releases. One, an intro titled ‘Friday Night’, the second, a track featuring a certain artist named Schwack titled ‘Saturda!y’, And the third, a single named ‘Sunday’.


Friday Night’ started out slow and lazy – like she was not trying to sing so much. There was way too much time allotted to the instrumentals. It however picked up pace at the middle and way down to the end, I even found myself bopping my head and dancing on the road. If Friday Night were not given such a title I would have given it really top ratings, but hey, we ‘Anticipated’ something funkier and groovy for a song titled ‘Friday Night’ so I’ll give it a 5/10. It’s a good song to listen to if you need something to gently ease you into a slight turn-up mode.


Saturda!y’ was a HIT! Now, please note that I’m a music critic and I have only described a few songs as hits (see ‘Instant Crush by Daft Punk). I’ll admit that Saturday started off a little rough and it felt like she was rushing through to get to the good part, but I must say that the good part was really good. Indie artistes and their love for other independent artists though! The so-called Schwack who featured with her on the track blew the top of my head off (largely because I did not expect so much from him). Someone should find him and feature him on more tracks! The song relaxed my nerves. It felt so seamless, like neither of them was trying too hard to make music. It just flowed. It had me smiling and I did not even mind that it was too damn long (longest track in the album). To keep my reputation as a Music ‘critic’ (in the most negative sense of the word), I’ll stop here and just score that track 9/10. It’s a great song to listen to if you need to listen to a great song.


Sunday’ was good too. But I think that it should have been put before Saturday because when I listened to the track (Sunday), I kept humming Saturday in my mind and so it deflected attention from the beauty of the song itself. It’s the kind of song you want to listen to with your family. It has a kind of ‘alivey happy together’ vibe. It was pretty cool but I still think she should have put it after ‘Friday Night’. I’ll score it a 6.5/10. It’s a good song to listen to before Monday comes smiling at you as your alarm screams you out of bed.

Overall, ‘Anticipate’ was/is a really good album and I’ll score it a 7/10. (Oh! I thought it was fun that she named her songs after the weekend. Gave it a kind of ‘Chill-out Jam’ feel)

P.S. Please someone should help me find the Schwack bobo and tell him I’m crushing!

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