Sow More, Reap More

Jane came to me fuming. ‘I don’t know why all these things happen to me. I read more. I attend classes more. I even answer questions more. And Diane just keeps getting better grades. I’m not jealous or anything. I just feel like God doesn’t love me.’

I smiled, nodded and said, ‘Let me tell you a story. There were two farmers who were given a plot of land each. The goal was to develop the land into a corn plantation. They were to optimize every space on the farm and ensure that its potentials were used to the fullest. 

The first farmer went to his farm, cleared it up, dug a deep hole and planted a seed in. He covered it up, patted the top and left. He would return every hour to check on the seed, water it if he felt it was needed, put some fertilizer on it. While in his house, he would stay up day and night praying for the seed he had planted and speaking positive words to his planting for he had heard that such worked for the growth of plants. 

The second farmer went to his farm, cleared it up and began to dig several holes in the ground. He planted seeds in each space and could not dwell too long on any of them. He took up more time than the first farmer to cover up the holes and go back to his house. He would go occasionally to water and fertilize each planting but not one of his planting had as much care as the first farmer’s only planting. Just average uniform care for each.

The day of the harvest came and each farmer was called upon. The first farmer stood defensively and slightly confused as to why his farm had not become a plantation. Afterall, he spent time and attention weeding, praying, doting, watering, his plant. Why had his plant not been multiplied? A biochemical test carried out on his plant showed that the seed which he planted was in fact a bad seed, but yet it had yielded a couple of good cobs. Indeed, it was a miracle. 

The second farmer’s farm was bursting at its seams with every inch of it screaming in cobs. The test showed that his works had undergone just about the same degree of miracle as the first farmer’s works. No difference in the divine impact on his plantation. Yet, he yielded a whole different result’ 

I paused and said, ‘Do you see what I mean?’

Jane frowned and said no. 
I said, ‘Sow more. Yes, I know you’re entirely focused on your classes and you divinely know more than your lecturers. I also know that Diane doesn’t focus on her classes half as much as you do. But then, I know that Diane organizes tutorials for juniors, she is always involved in one charity program or another, she assists lecturers with research, she works in her fellowship, and maybe a bunch of other things I don’t even know that she does. If God blesses both of you in the same measure, she will still look more blessed than you because she has presented more things upon which multiplication will come. Do you understand?’ 

She nodded and I felt her come to a resolve in her heart. 

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