Talk Less, Do More

Humans are pretty much the only organisms that talk. 

 I’ll agree that that first statement is flawed in at least two ways;

1. The definition of ‘talk’ is relative. A bird can think birds are the only organisms who talk because it understands only chirp-language. 

2. Parrots talk. We’ve had about 4 parrots in my family and I can boldly say that one out of these four actually spoke like a human. I mean, you’d probably be able to tell that it isn’t your girlfriend calling you ‘My Love’ if a parrot decides to mimic her, but I’ll bet you’ll be amazed. 
However, let’s take that first sentence at face value and not try to be deep. Only humans talk. 

Ever wondered why? 

Well, I believe humans talk because we’re more intelligent (or supposed to be. Some humans decide to muddy the waters of scientific conclusions by behaving extremely intelligently) than other organisms and so we need a higher form of outlet to communicate all these great intelligence we experience on the inside of us. 

And so, talking exists both to relay and expand on the great ideas we’re privileged to have. Talking was given to man for the development of his environment. Talking is primary a tool of communication and secondarily as tool for development. 

However, talking can be our undoing as humans, as I have observed in these few years I have spent on earth. 

Even I, myself, have fallen victim of this great tragedy. You see often I find myself talking about doing something much more than doing that thing. 

The chain process which is supposed to be:

Conception of IdeaMeditating – Talking – Refining the idea – Acting – Continous Refinement
Has now mostly become for me:

Conceiving  the  idea – meditating – talking – 

Or even worse still 

Conceiving the id- TALKINGGG
And you know what’s sad? Talking about great stuff and extraordinary plans is really blood pumping and therefore has the effect of making the talker unconsciously feel as though, if he stopped there, that would be great!

But no. 

In my opinion, it makes one feel even worse, when after all the talk, there’s nothing to show for it. Because talking draws a crowd of insatiable admirers who if nothing substantial follows after the talk, boo and jeer at you. 

So here’s what I advice myself: Talk, but talk less than you act. 

The less you talk, the more people you draw to your unhatched eggs. You need space and time refining and meditating; researching and learning, to know whether those unhatched eggs are indeed just Easter decoration  eggs or are actually the real deal. 

If they are the former, talking less would save you from dispersing and disappointing a larger crowd. 

So, as tempting as it may seem for part-Sanguines like me: talk less, do more! 

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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