The First Time I Flew

The first time I flew was today.

I have often heard that it’s a beautiful experience; to fly to some other location, see other sights, meet other people, experience other cultures.

Never minding that there are assertions about those who fly at night to meet supernatural creatures and feast on the blood of natural creatures, I still dreamed that I will fly one day (or night).

And today, fly I did.

I got lucky to find Time.

Time is the least expensive airline to fly with, and it hurts me that I just got to know that.

I merely even stumbled upon it from the exasperated cry of my colleague at work.

She said, ‘Time Flies so fast!

‘Fast and Cheap’, I thought, knowing that my colleague could never afford an expensive airline, ‘Wouldn’t I love that?’

I reckon that time has always been flying; I just never got on it and so it kept leaving me behind.

I guess that’s why people say, ‘Hurry up! We’re behind time!

Anyway, I did my research and found that Time airline is everywhere; all you have to do it get on board and fly with it.

I sat at the comfortable chair in my room this morning and said, ‘Time, please fly me to Sierra-Leone’; for I have always wanted to visit there – not for anything, just because it sounds exotic.

So Time said, ‘That’s fine, put on your flight Google

So with Time and Google, I learned more about Sierra-Leone: about its people, its beaches, its history, its politics. Why, I even began to speak a little Krio as we landed.


Before we landed, I heard a voice in the plane say to me, ‘Time flies, but you’re really the pilot’

In one day! I became a time traveler and a time pilot!


I am honored!



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