Your Music To My Dance


Jan 26


What role does music play in your life?

I am dance
And to me, you are music.
Individually, we stand as two unique personalities.
A person can dance without music
As he can sing without dancing. 

You may see, in a market place, a woman clutching her son’s report card, and dancing to absolutely no music.
Because dance, can in itself exist. And I am dance.
You may hear, in the bathroom, a young man singing at the top of his voice, while he stands under the shower staring blankly into space
Because music, can in itself exist. And you are music.

But although you are fun on your own and I am fun on my own,
When we come together we are the funnest ever.
Your music to my dance = art. 

And so thank you for being the music to my dance
And for letting me beautify your music with my dance
Thank you for showing others that even as beautiful as my dance is, it can be more amazing
And for letting me show people that as amazing as your music is, it can translate to something even more captivating. 

And although sometimes, your music may move faster than my dance
Or my dance faster than your music
And there are days when I may not feel like dancing
When all you feel like doing is singing
You must remember that I still love your music to my dance. 

And even when you’re not around anymore
I will have the memories of your music in my head

And when I’m not around anymore
I hope you still see visions of my dance

But most importantly, we both must know
That nothing spoil
Because although together we make magic
Individually you still rock. And I? I still roll. 

**Originally written to/for the Schwack of my life

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