Dear Phlegmatic

Small but mighty! 

I know you don’t like the name but I’ve told you that if you never come and shout at me, I’ll keep calling you that name. 

People who don’t know you very well think that you’re the weirdest and most gentle person in the world. And that’s not really far from the truth. 

You’re my best friend. While Choleric and S have their weird sides, you’re my most stable friend and I am very grateful for you everyday in my life. 

I’ve known you the longest and yet I find out new things about you everyday. Like how you are actually capable of shouting at someone. I couldn’t believe it that day. You, small but mighty? Shouted at someone? Wow. 

I like the fact that you’re calm no matter what happens. I remember when we woke up that day and heard that exams were to commence the next week. We were barely prepared; you know. But while everyone was running helter-skelter, you sat on your bed and watched two episodes of Modern family, slept and woke up to start planing how you’ll read. I was mind blown! 

I like your consistency. Let me tell you, sometimes, I test you. I’ll bring up something you said a long time ago and ask you whether you believe in such and your answer will still be the same. Ah! I don’t know what goes on inside your mind, but whatever it is is well grounded and formed. I believe you don’t talk unless you are convinced that what you’re saying is truth and you’re ready to stick to it. Such great principles! 

You are not like most people who like to show that they are doing good, but then, you have such a beautiful heart. The way you low-key help people and see it as nothing baffles me. It is something! Thank you for helping me with half my courses last semester. I don’t even know what I would have done without you. 

Most people think you lack purpose in life. And I can see why. One day you’re saying that you ‘might actually practice Law‘, another day you’re saying that ‘I don’t really know. Whatever.‘ It irritates most people especially in this country where even the immediate future is too scary to most folks not to be planned for. You have a ‘all will be fine’ attitude and I don’t know whether it’s bad or good – too much of it, that is. 

The sad part is now that when you  decide to think about your future seriously, you start to worry. It confuses me a lot. In my mind I’m thinking, ‘How does small but mighty go from ‘everything’s gonna be alright’ to ‘Mel, I feel like I’m not ready to have a future and that I might fail’?

I also don’t like that you tease me a lot and you don’t contribute to fun. I understand that you don’t get too engaged with people but don’t come and pour all your sarcasm on me. I am your best friend, in case you forget. Other people think you’re weird or suspicious. 

Anyway, you know that my love for you did not start today and it won’t end tomorrow. I confess that it pumps me up to know that I’m one of the few people who truly truly know you and are allowed to come into your comfort zone. 

I promise I won’t take you and your stubborn head for granted. But I promise to also tell you the truth! 
Love always,


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