But I Don’t Rant 

My precious time!!!!

I took out 30 minutes to write an article and then I tried to post it and it just… disappeared. Just like that. I almost looked for the article under my bed. 

I have just one question for this article: Was my brain so bad that the first thing you thought of doing once you left there was to kill yourself????

While I’m still sorting through my real emotions, I have made an executive decision not to rewrite that particular article because it was an ungrateful article. 

The article just behaved like how most of us humans do. 

People take out time to help you become something from the scratch. We see young girls hustle with young men till they become something in life and vice versa. And then, one day, they just disappear on the partner who has invested so much. 

We also hear of business investors who put in time and money into small companies to help them grow and then we find that the company’s managers are behaving as though nothing is at stake. 

I really cannot believe I spent 30 minutes away from studying Jurisprudence and it yielded to nothing! I feel really cheated; so cheated that I’m actually coming on the Internet to rant. 
I never come on the Internet to rant!

Boro, we never come on the Internet to rant. 
Oh damn…. 

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