Moi, My Mentor

Feb 17


Have you ever had a mentor? What was the greatest lesson you learned from him or her?

The greatest mentor I have lives right opposite me

She looks like me, smiles like me and cries like me

Ours was once a complicated relationship

For when I looked at her, I saw everything I was not

And when she looked back at me I saw everything I could be
But I have grown to love her,

To take her life experiences as my life lessons,

To listen to her heart above my words,

For she always tells me, ‘My heart is the most rebellious part of me, you should listen to it…’
I have grown to respect her

To take care of her

Not because she’ll take care of me in return 

But simply because she deserves to be respected 
And although I have grown to cherish her

To enjoy every moment I get alone with her,

I have also grown to give her the space to accommodate others,

Because one day when I’m no more, she too will be no more,

And her good heart would only be known to those to whom I have let her show it
The greatest mentor I have lives right opposite me, beside me and behind me – depending on where the mirror is placed. 

And she has successfully taught me to look at myself as I want to be seen. 

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